Collaborative Prioritized Planning Process (CP3)

The Collaborative Prioritized Planning Process (CP3) described below was developed by Dr. Emma M. Smith, Director of Mongoose Consulting. CP3 can be delivered in person or online via digital meeting software, and helps groups of diverse stakeholders collaboratively identify priorities for their organization or group, with a focus on solution generation and action planning. CP3 is ideal for use in strategic planning initiatives, developing organizational priorities, or setting research and project directions. A CP3 Guidance Document outlining the guiding principles and each of the phases of of the process is available by clicking on the link below. If you are interested in becoming a CP3 facilitator, or would like to discuss how Mongoose Consulting can help you deliver CP3 within your organization, please select the appropriate link.

Knowledge Synthesis (Pre-Work)

Existing knowledge on the topic area, or on the organization’s activities, are gathered and distributed to participants for review. This may also take the form of presentations to participants.

Challenge Identification and Prioritization

Key challenges are identified and prioritized democratically, allowing consensus to develop from among the participants, while ensuring everyone’s voice is considered.

Solution Identification, Consolidation, and Prioritization

Solutions are discussed and refined, with a prioritization exercise to determine which should be addressed in the Action Planning phase.

Action Planning

Action plans are created for each of the identified solutions, which are intended to provide a roadmap to the organization for next steps to address the identified challenges.